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Started by Jacqueline, our first Zakka Living store opened in Penang island, also known as the Pearl of Malaysia.

With great passion in vintage decorations, also the willingness to share great things with people, Zakka Living was founded with the core maxim of “Contentment in Work, Satisfaction in Business”. Our greatest reward comes from our satisfying customers who love our Zakka so much and keep coming back to own more Zakka for their homes.

The concept of Zakka comes from Japan, referring to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance. It is also being described as ‘the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane’. Well all in all, Zakka is playing the role to bring more meanings and joy to your ordinary and sometimes, dull life.

We started at selling our Zakka in online platform including Facebook. However, as we developed and expanded, our creative and unique quality products are recognised as well as promoted through the word of mouth, so we setup our actual store.

What we pay attention to is the the value of how much the Zakka worth, but it’s the meaning and the memory it brings alive to us.

The value of something maybe countable, but surely not the satisfaction and delightment that bring by the Zakka that you love.


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Zakka Living 生活。雜貨鋪

Zakka Living 生活。雜貨鋪